We are a small breeding operation located in Oklahoma . We are dedicated to
breeding Quarters horses and paints that are the versatile  horses as they should
be. Horses that can and do it all. We have chosen to breed the bloodlines that
have stood the test of time and crosses. We stay away from the current "hot "
horse of the year. They come and go.The foundation bloodlines that we use are
some of the original bloodlines used as a cornerstone to build the American
Quarter Horse association.Our priorities are:Conformation & Performance blood
(cow sense) Temperament(people sense) Versatility(a good flexible
mindset)Beauty and foundation breeding.We never compromise any of these
qualities for color.We believe that one doesn't need to sacrifice color for quality
or sacrifice quality for color! Our goal is to offer quality with color.Our horses
carry some of the great older foundation lines, which include Skipper W,  Pacific
Bailey,  Leo San Cita,  Two Eyed Jack, Emphasis, Blondys Dude, with some
running blood. We currently have an AQHA Palomino Stallion, and an APHA
Homozygous Black Tovero Stallion that we stand to a limited number of outside
mares each year. We have a prospect that we are currently raising that we
hope will be stallion material. We normally have several quality horses for sale.
Have a look around, and please feel free to email us with any questions
regarding sales, boarding ,hauling,or breedings. Be sure and come back often
for updates and additions to our site. Thanks again for visiting!
Website and photography owned/maintained by JLQuarters.  All rights have
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RR #1 Box 97
Wellston, OK  74881